Cambodia welcomes new alliance of investors

PHNOM PNEH: The Federation of Investors Association (CCIA) officially launched last week, marking a significant step forward for the Cambodian economy. This event highlights the strong partnership between the private sector and the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC).

The CCIA aims to unite various business chambers, fostering collaboration and growth. This will attract foreign investors from all over the world, contributing to Cambodia's economic development in line with RGC's policies.

The hard work of CCIA members has already brought billions in foreign investment to Cambodia. This is a positive development, creating job opportunities and attracting new technologies and skills. These efforts align perfectly with the RGC's – Phase 1.

Lor Vichet, Vice President of CCCA, spoke after the event, praising the RGC for its proactive approach to business development. He highlighted the government's creation of trade strategies and a supportive business environment. The Prime Minister's inauguration of CCIA further emphasizes the government's commitment to attracting private sector investment for economic growth.

Mr. Vichet added that the event fostered connections between businesses and explored strategies to attract even more foreign direct investment (FDI). The Premier's participation underscores the RGC's dedication to becoming a magnet for global investors, a key element in achieving Cambodia's goal of becoming a middle-income country by 2030 and a high-income country by 2050.

The CCIA was launched in June 2023 with six founding chambers of commerce, including prominent names like the Cambodia Chinese Commerce Association (CCCA), Cambodia Footwear Association (CFA), Cambodia Travel Goods and Leather Association (CTLA), China Sichuan & Chongqing Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (CYZSH), Malaysian Business Chamber of Cambodia (MBCC) and Singapore Club Cambodia (SCC).

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