Cambodia welcomes Japan’s environment-friendly investment

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Environment welcomes the environment-friendly operation of a Japanese firm, Tromso Co., Ltd., and recommends an investment that will mutually benefit the company and the locals for long-term sustainability.

The of Environment, H.E. Dr. Eang Sophalleth, highlighted the appreciation and suggestion with the President of Tromso, Mr. Masaaki Uesugi, in their meeting on Feb. 28 at the ministry.

According to Mr. Masaaki Uesugi, his firm's operation, supported by the Japan Forestry Administration, utilizes new technology to produce firewood from husks.

The technology does not only discourage the use of firewood by cutting down trees but also contributes to reducing carbon emissions. H.E. Dr. Eang Sophalleth appreciated the practice and welcomed the potential investment of the company in .

He recommended the firm to optimise the local labour to both offer new livelihood opportunities in the communities it will invest in and sustain the environment-friendly practices for Cambodia as well as the world.

The long-term sustainability of an investment project derives from local community empowerment and ownership, he added.

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