Cambodia-US held High-Level meeting on trade and investment promotion

PHNOM PENH: On February 26, 2024, a meeting co-chaired by H.E. , First Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia, and Mr. Jim Jones, CEO of Jones Group International, was held to discuss promoting trade and between Cambodia and the United States.

Participants included relevant ministers and officials from both nations, representatives from the Cambodian Duke Association, the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce, the US Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia, and national and international investors.

The meeting aimed to build on shared goals and establish strategic approaches to strengthen Cambodia-US economic ties. Deputy Prime Minister Chanthol outlined key objectives, including enhanced Trade Facilitation, which involves streamlining customs procedures, reducing trade barriers and regulations, expanding market access for Cambodian products (Made in Cambodia), exploring options for bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) or leveraging existing agreements and the initiatives like technical assistance, capacity building, and promotion activities can encourage US investment in Cambodia.

Mr. Jones commended Cambodia's recent progress, particularly the government's vision of becoming a high-middle-income country by 2030 and transitioning to a knowledge-based economy with modern infrastructure. He reaffirmed his commitment to fostering stronger trade and investment ties, believing this will further solidify bilateral relations.

Mr. Jones currently leads Jones Group International a consultancy group specializing in foreign policy, strategic planning, national security, and military strategy. He is a retired US Navy Admiral with extensive experience in military operations, security, energy, defense, and leadership. Mr. Jones served in various high-ranking positions, including Commander of the US Marine Corps, Supreme Allied Commander of Europe at NATO, and National Security Advisor to the U.S. President for the Middle East.

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