Cambodia logs rise in exports in January

PHNOM PENH: Cambodia's exports topped US$1,967 million in the first month of this year, an increase of 27 percent compared to the same period last year, pointed out a report of the on Monday.

Cambodia's exports to the U.S. rose by 11 percent to US$626 million in January, from US$562 million in the same period last year, followed by Vietnam and China with US$373 million and US$121 million, respectively, underlined the source.

The main items Cambodia exported included garments, footwear, travel goods, bicycles, and several agricultural products such as rice, rubber, cassava, bananas, mangos, and longans.

The garment, footwear, and travel goods industry is the largest foreign exchange earner for Cambodia. The sector consists of roughly 1,133 factories and branches, employing approximately 840,000 workers, mostly female.

H.E. Penn Sovicheat, Secretary of State and Spokesperson at the Ministry of Commerce said the agreements had given an impetus to promoting Cambodia-made products to gain momentum across foreign markets.

“The trade agreements have contributed not only to boosting exports of made-in-Cambodia products but also brought new investments to the country, contributing to its economic development,” he stressed.

At the same time, Cambodia's total imports rose by 8.7 percent to US$2,090 million, read the report.

The country primarily imported raw and construction materials, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, electronic equipment, fertilizers, and pesticides.

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