Bamboo Startup LEOPA BAMBOO Co., LTD to promote sustainability with community

PHNOM PENH: LEOPA BAMBOO Co., LTD has pledged to continue buying bamboo from the Chambok Protected Area community.

The company has signed an agreement with the community to cooperate in charcoal processing, and it will continue to buy bamboo from communities that harvest wild bamboo sustainably. LEOPA BAMBOO Co., LTD will also participate in bamboo cultivation and plant more bamboo on community land.

LEOPA BAMBOO Co., LTD is committed to working with the Chambok Protected Area community to promote sustainable bamboo production and processing. The company believes that this partnership will benefit both the community and the environment.

This business activity has received strong support from the Ministry of Environment. Minister Eang Sophalleth has supported LEOPA BAMBOO Co., LTD to establish a bamboo processing plant for handicrafts for export and for processing bamboo into charcoal for the agriculture sector.

The Minister believes that the company's participation will help to encourage people in the protected area community to earn more income by planting bamboo to supply the company. Planting bamboo will also help to create forest cover, which can absorb carbon and make the protected area community a carbon-neutral community.

To help the community become a more carbon-neutral community, Minister Eang Sophalleth has encouraged LEOPA BAMBOO Co., LTD to use power to process bamboo into charcoal.

Currently, LEOPA BAMBOO Co., LTD is in the process of constructing bamboo handicrafts that have been harvested by the community. These handicrafts will be used to make for export. The company is also planning to process bamboo scraps from the production of charcoal into furniture products.

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