Australia supports Cambodia’s agricultural manufacturing

PHNOM PENH: Australia is supporting through the Agri-food Investment Desk (AFID) to attract investment and develop new markets and income streams, said the Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh in a news release this morning.

Recently, it recalled, CAPRED (Cambodia Australia Partnership for Resilient Economic Development) organized a visit to Australia for 37 Cambodian delegates, including agribusinesses and government stakeholders.

The delegates met with investors, supermarket chains, government agencies, and business associations to connect with potential buyers and learned about Australian import regulations and the art of pitching products to international audiences, the same source added.

With established production in quality fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains, Cambodia is well positioned for exporting and co-investing in this high-value market.

“We hope to see more Cambodian products on Australian shelves and to continue to strengthen trade and investment between our countries,” the embassy said.

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