AKII Seeks MOC’s Support to Boost Cambodia Export and Investment Climate

PHNOM PENH- May 27, 2024 – The Association of Khmer International Investors (AKII) has called for a dedicated working meeting with the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) to further promote Cambodian product export and coordinate Cambodia's sector.

This request comes after a talk between HE Cham Nimol, Minister of Commerce and AKII President Dr. By Sokbundith on the sidelines of The Opening Ceremony of the Workshop on “Beyond Borders: Bringing Cambodian Products to Global Market through .com” on Monday. Dr. Sokbundith also presented a comprehensive outlining various investment-related topics to the Minister.

During their exchange, Dr. Sokbundith  requested the Minister's support in facilitating product exports for AKII members, a key aspect of economic growth for Cambodian businesses.

The Minister acknowledged Dr. Sokbundith's dedication and confirmed a follow-up meeting between the MOC and AKII. This working session will delve deeper into strategies to enhance Cambodia's trade and investment climate.

Established in 2019 to foster collaboration and progress to fully promote the investment to Cambodia, AKII prioritizes three key goals:

  • Promoting collaboration: AKII aims to strengthen cooperation among members, investors, and partners for mutual success.
  • Supporting development: The association is committed to contributing to Cambodia's social and economic progress, aligning with government initiatives.
  • Attracting investment: AKII actively seeks high-quality, efficient investments from both local and foreign sources to propel Cambodia's economic growth.

This news signifies a positive step towards stronger collaboration between the Cambodian government and the private sector. The upcoming working meeting is expected to yield concrete strategies for attracting foreign investment and bolstering Cambodia's economic potential.

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