A Business Meeting at IDI: Six UK Companies Target Investment in Cambodia

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Commerce, led by Secretary of State Lok Chumteav Serei Borapich, recently hosted a business meeting at the office. The meeting aimed to connect six UK companies with potential Cambodian investment partners.

Secretary of State Borapich welcomed the UK businesses and reaffirmed 's commitment to fostering trade and investment with international partners. He highlighted the ongoing support and encouragement provided by the IDI (Innovation and Development Investors Association) in this effort.

Representatives from the UK companies expressed their interest in establishing the British Cambodia Business Council (BCBC) in collaboration with IDI. This council would facilitate joint ventures and business opportunities between the two nations. IDI leadership will be reviewing this proposal.

To facilitate these connections, IDI invited member companies from six key sectors to participate in the business meeting program held in the UK between June 25th and 30th, 2024. These sectors represent diverse investment areas for UK businesses.

This business meeting signifies a positive step towards strengthening economic ties between the UK and Cambodia. By connecting UK companies with established Cambodian partners in key sectors, the IDI is fostering a platform for mutually beneficial investment opportunities. The potential establishment of the BCBC further underlines the commitment to ongoing collaboration and economic growth for both nations.

To drive economic growth and investment in Cambodia, the Innovation and Development Investors Association (IDI) recently established a comprehensive strategic plan.

The strategic plan identifies twelve key sectors as potential growth areas in Cambodia. These sectors include trading, food & Beverage, agriculture, education, healthcare, manufacturing, fund Raising (supported by ID Capital), tourism, entertainment, finance, technology and real estate.

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