Private company plans investment in Koh Mneas with undisclosed amount

: Recently, a private enterprise made the decision to invest in the beautiful Koh Mneas or Pineapple Island, which is positioned in the Darasakor area of the Kirisakor district in Koh Kong province.

The objective of the is to transform this island, known for its palm trees, pristine glass-like water, and white sand beach, into a luxurious eco-tourism retreat as per the plans of Koh Mneas Investment Company.

Although the size of the investment is not disclosed by the company, it has been assessed by both the relevant authorities and the corporation for its environmental and socio-economic ramifications.

Koh Mneas is one among 35 islands managed by the provincial authorities across the Koh Kong province, spanning 3.9 square kilometers.

Koh Kong Provincial Council's Chairman, Mr. Kay Samrum, has stated that 9 islands, including Koh Ampil, Koh Khmoch, Koh Smach, Koh Mnas South, Koh Mnas Khang Cheung, Koh Damlong Knot, Koh Damlong Krao, Koh Toteung, and Koh Kong Krao, are being developed as tourist destinations.


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