The Council for the Development of Cambodia: Fueling growth and investment

: Established in 1994, the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) serves as a crucial engine for the nation's economic growth. This executive body acts as a unified platform, facilitating private investment and managing Special Economic Zones under the direct guidance of esteemed leaders: Prime Minister Hun Manet, Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chanthol, and Senior Minister Chheang Yanara.

Headed by three Secretaries-General, the CDC operates through three executive bodies. The Cambodia Investment Board, led by H.E. Chea Vuthy, oversees investment applications and provides vital information to investors across diverse sectors.

H.E. Vith Vuthy, as Secretary-General of the Cooperation Committee, fosters collaboration with development partners, ensuring efficient utilization of resources. Finally, H.E. Kong Vimean, Secretary-General of the General Secretariat, manages the CDC's day-to-day operations.

The Council's services span a comprehensive spectrum, from disseminating investment information across diverse sectors and examining applications to providing attractive incentives, monitoring project progress, facilitating solutions to investor challenges, offering ongoing support throughout implementation, and organizing forums for private sector engagement, all while leading dialogues with the Royal Government through the annual forum.

Beyond its focus on private investment, the CDC also collaborates closely with development partners and NGOs. This collaboration ensures effective resource allocation, aligning investments with national priorities and maximizing the positive impact on the nation's development.

Cambodia's open investment policy welcomes both local and foreign investors across diverse sectors. The government further incentivizes investment in priority areas through attractive schemes. Additionally, a strong focus on infrastructure development, both regionally and globally, further enhances the ease of doing business in Cambodia.

The Council for the Development of Cambodia plays a pivotal role in shaping Cambodia's economic landscape. Through its comprehensive services, strategic collaborations, and commitment to fostering a conducive business environment, the CDC propels Cambodia toward a future of sustained economic growth and prosperity.

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