Top districts in Phnom Penh to invest in real estate

PHNOM PENH: According to real estate experts, Sen Sok and Chbar Ampov are two districts in Phnom Penh that are witnessing a wave in real estate investment. There are numerous infrastructure developments and investment projects in the positions.

The CVEA Vice President Long Kimsour stated: “Sen Sok is appealing to real estate investors because land prices are still reasonable. They will invest immediately and expect to raise prices further in the future.”

He also observed that the Chbar Ampov district is experiencing strong momentum in real estate investment, owing to the area’s remarkable growth and development in recent years. However, when it comes to population, the Chbar Ampov district has the most people.

He added that the area has many major development projects, such as the development of Koh Nora, the development of the Borey Peng Huot shopping mall, the construction of a bridge to the Arey Ksat area, and the construction of a bridge across Koh Pich. This area’s high potential makes it even more appealing.

According to Mr. Long Kimsour, the real estate sector will continue to grow in the next two or three years as more people live in the area, more businesses emerge, and more development projects satisfy the demands in the real estate market.

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