Minister meets with tech giant delegation to drive economic ties and growth

PHNOM PENH: Cambodia's Minister of Industry, Science, Technology & Innovation  H.E. Hem Vandy, met with a delegation from Huawei on January 2nd, 2024, to discuss the pivotal role of technology in Cambodia's economic ascent. The meeting highlighted Huawei's significant contributions to the country's development and outlined avenues for future collaboration.

Minister Vandy commended Huawei's positive impact on Cambodia's socio-economic landscape and proposed intensifying cooperation in key areas. These include fostering tech-savvy talent through specialized training programs and empowering small businesses and the informal through technology integration, with Huawei playing a key role in facilitating this adoption and equipping Cambodia with robust cybersecurity expertise.

Yao Sovann, Huawei's Southeast Regional President and CEO for Cambodia, showcased the company's impressive financial performance, exceeding $100 billion in revenue for 2023. He emphasized Huawei's diverse portfolio, encompassing not only smart devices but also enterprise solutions, cloud services, green energy solutions, and electric vehicles.

Sovann expressed eagerness to continue collaborating with the Ministry of Industry and outlined plans to participate in the upcoming National Day of Science, Technology, and Innovation, showcasing Huawei's latest technological advancements.

Minister Vandy proposed joint initiatives such as the Huawei Technology Award Program, modeled after the Cambodian Entrepreneur Award, to incentivize tech adoption among Cambodian SMEs. He further encouraged Huawei to spearhead the development of Cambodia's electric vehicle sector by partnering with the Cambodian Standards Institute to establish national EV standards.

To drive efficiency and transparency, the Minister also urged collaboration with the Ministry of Industry to promote open data implementation, highlighting the significance of big data sharing for Cambodia's economic growth.

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