LIXIN Group and IPMA-TPMA seek future corporation benefits for Cambodian

PHNOM PENH: The recently met with the IPMA-TPMA to discuss several issues, including expanding their areas of cooperation and training more management experts in Cambodia.

The corporation intends to help Cambodians from all walks of life develop their capacity to identify and capitalize on new opportunities, and strengthen their friendship bonds to build a better future for all Cambodians.

From January 4th to January 8th, 2023, IPMA-TPMA Chairman Li Qianwan and his group paid a visit to LIXIN Group. Yang Quanfu, IPMA Level-C project management certification appraiser and senior consultant, TPMA director, Dr. Yang Mingyuan, Executive Editor of the TPMA Journal of Project Management, Chen Qiujing, Senior Consultant of the TPMA Project Management Certification Lecturer, Lou Wenquan, Senior Consultant, Project Manager Xu Zhiwang, and other core professionals were present for the inspection.

Mr. Kevin Hsu, CEO of LIXIN Group, Ms. Carey Liu, Chairman of LIXINYI, and other executives greeted the distinguished guests graciously and escorted the delegation to the LIXIN Group headquarters and the LIXIN CEO Center.

Chairman Li Qianwan stated in the conversation that TPMA was created in June 2002, that strategic cooperation agreements had been negotiated with 102 colleges and institutions, and that project management research and development centers had been established in 20 sectors. Through this exchange, it is intended that the two parties would collaborate to pave the way for Cambodian management talent training and to expand the depth and breadth of Cambodian management talent training.

Mr. Kevin Hsu, the CEO of LIXIN Group, greeted the arrival of the group and exchanged presents of particular importance with Chairman Li Qianwan, indicating the serious collaboration between LIXIN Group and Taiwan Project Management Association for mutual benefit.

In the international lecture hall of LIXIN Group, the IPMA-TPMA organized a special exchange meeting on “International Project Risk Management Case Study” on July 7. Chairman Li Qianwan concentrated on risk identification and preventive techniques based on the classic examples of numerous multinational project risk disposal, which was lauded by a large number of company owners on-site.

IPMA is a non-profit organization registered in Switzerland. It was established in 1965. Currently, 72 nations and territories throughout the globe are full members. Asia and Europe are home to fifty international certifying institutes and over fifty national youth organizations. Continental, including the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East, is the largest and longest-established multinational project management company in the world today. Since then, project management has become an essential subject and has continued to grow in importance.

The acronym for Taiwan Project Management Association is TPMA. It was established in June 2002. In addition to being a member representative of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) in Taiwan, it is a regional legal entity. The Project Management Association (TPMA) has achieved a strategic collaboration agreement with 102 colleges and universities in Taiwan and created project management research and development centers in 20 sectors. Currently, it has produced over 600 seed instructors, all of them are academic and industrial elites, with 50 of them holding doctorates. The remaining fifty percent are remarkable contributions in a variety of industries. In Taiwan, they have taught over a thousand IMPA Level 4 international project managers from various areas of life over the previous two decades.

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