IDI commenced discussion for potential investment project with US-based companies

PHNOM PENH: Dr. Hor Serveyath, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ID Investors Associations “IDI” and ID Capital Plc. “IDC”, along with BOD members and the executive team, held a meaningful discussion yesterday with two US-based companies, Singpoli Group, and Bioterra Capital.

The meeting with Singpoli Group, led by their CEO and President, Mr. Kin Hui, focused on finding potential projects in real estate, hospitality, and bioscience. As a highly diversified company, Singpoli has interests in various sectors like entertainment, real estate, healthcare, and more, as well as extensive investments in Asia. Through this discussion, the parties explored the potential for collaboration and partnership in these industries.

On the other hand, the meeting with Bioterra Capital, led by Mr. Paul Kambur, Chairman, centered on a unique forest management system that aims to produce wood chips for biomass, to be used for generating renewable energy.

Dr. Hor Sereyvath acknowledged both companies’ contributions, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and cooperation in advancing shared economic goals. He also expressed his excitement for the potential joint projects that could arise from these discussions, stating that the innovative ideas and dynamic nature of these companies can foster growth and prosperity.

Dr. Sereyvath welcomed the initiatives and tasked IDC’s executive team with furthering the conversation and feasibility study with the two companies. For the projects, a working group and an implementation framework will be formed.

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