IDI and ID Capital commenced discussion with CBEC Asia

PHNOM PENH: On Tuesday, April 4th, 2023, a significant meeting took place between the ID Investors Association “IDI” and ID Capital Plc. “IDC” with the participation of Board members, and representatives from Cross Border E-Commerce Asia (), a US-based company. The meeting was aimed at discussing a potential investment project in Cambodia.

The meeting was led by Mr. Chap Sopheak, Secretary General and CEO of IDC, who represented IDC and IDI. Meanwhile, the delegation from CBEC was represented by Mr. Mark Matsumoto, Managing Director.

The discussion focused on identifying potential investment opportunities to establish an e-commerce company in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The primary purpose of setting up an e-commerce platform in Cambodia is to provide access to the international market for Cambodian manufacturers by reducing the barriers of traditional business models.

The discussion covered several areas such as logistics, sourcing, trading partnerships, and also exchanged views on the investment climate and business opportunities in Cambodia. The partnership between CBEC and IDC aims to bridge the gap between Cambodian manufacturers and potential international buyers by creating an efficient e-commerce solution.

The meeting was held amid the context of the growing importance of e-commerce in Cambodia. With the increasing e-commerce adoption rates in the country, there is a need to create e-commerce platforms that would assist small and medium-sized enterprises in accessing the international market.

With this partnership, Cambodia now has the potential to become a significant e-commerce hub in Southeast Asia and boost economic growth. Additionally, it could foster a robust and competitive business environment in Cambodia, which could encourage other businesses to invest in the country.

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