IDI and CPALL commit to extending 7-Eleven branding

PHNOM PENH: A recent meeting between the leaders of ID Capital Plc. and the Innovation and Development Investors Association (IDI) with the Deputy General Manager of CPALL Public Company Limited (Thailand) was held to discuss the possibility of expanding Store Business Partner (SBP) for the 7-Eleven branding in Cambodia.

Dr. Hor Sereyvath, Chairman of the Board of the Innovation and Development Investors Association (IDI), ID Capital PLC (IDC), and Anittha Thanamit, Deputy General Manager, CPALL Public Company Limited, participated in a discussion meeting on October 31, 2022. (Thailand).

The purpose of the meeting was to examine SBP projects involving the 7-Eleven store brand under the supervision of IDC’s investment capital. The two parties talked about prospective investments they could drive together.

The convenience store chain 7-Eleven, run by CP All Public Co., Ltd., is the most widely dispersed in Thailand. Thailand had about 13.1 thousand 7-Eleven locations in 2021.


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