IDI and CP ALL to expand Cambodian products in Thailand consuming market

PHNOM PENH: Chairman of Thai company CP ALL, owner of 7Eleven, discusses with Chairman of ID Investors Association and ID Capital Plc. Expand the market for Cambodian products and increase investment in Cambodia

On May 18, 2022, Mr. Hor Sereyvath, Chairman of the Innovation and Development Investors Association (IDI) and Chairman of the Board of ID Capital Plc. (IDC) led members of the association and the company to meet with Mr. Kasak Chhay Ramisak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CP All and the management of the company at Kraya Angkor Restaurant after meeting with Samdech Techo Prime Minister on 16 August 2022 to explore investment opportunities in Cambodia.
On behalf of IDI and IDC, Mr. Hor Sereyvath warmly welcomed the delegation of CP All and decided to invest in Cambodia, including Makro Market and 7Eleven, which CP All owns the franchise. He also briefed the delegation on IDI & IDC’s focus on investing in three key sectors: real estate, services, and agriculture cover 13 sub-sectors. IDI and IDC have 101 members and more than 130 affiliated businesses operating in the above three sectors. He pointed out that IDI & IDC are interested in co-investing with CP All because the three major areas that IDC focuses on are what CP All has already achieved in Thailand and is stepping into Cambodia.
Mr. Korsak Sakchai Ramisak expressed that we recognize the potential of Cambodia through openness, a wide range of foreign investment, and the improvement of people’s livelihood as well as the Cambodian economy, which is an important contribution to trade between the 2 countries. Mr. Sak would like to thank the IDI and IDC members for providing a lot of input to CP All’s business, especially related to 7Eleven and the interest in growing and producing coffee for export because IDI and IDC members are Cambodian traders and investors who know the product and market sector in Cambodia very well.
He promised to open 7Eleven’s 13,000 stores serving more than 12-13 million Thais a day, more than 100 Makro wholesalers, and more than 200 Lotus hypermarkets to sell Cambodian products widely in Thailand.
Mr. Korsak and Mr. Sereyvath, the Chairmans of both institutions, expressed their support and belief that: CP All and IDC will definitely be able to co-invest in Cambodia in the near future. They also expressed support for the Go Federation in Cambodia in the future to train Cambodian children to play Go, because Mr. KhorSak provided scholarships to 30 Cambodian children to learn to play because it is a psychological sport; the most important in training EQ for living, trading and investing.

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