Flat house prices gained between 40% to 100%

PHNOM PENH: Prices for flat houses (Borey houses) have risen year after year. Indeed, according to the assessment and observation of a Cambodian real estate company.

In the last five years, housing price in the city has increased by 40 to 100 percent, depending on regional growth and demand.

According to Ms. Chanty Tiva, CEO of Century 21 Advance Property talked to Property Area, many Cambodians prefer to live in small families.

When they get married and start a family, they are always looking for a decent place to live apart from the family, which has increased housing demand. Borey house is the most popular type of housing.

“Some houses have increased by 40%, from $60,000 to $100,000 now,” she said. Some homes have increased by more than $100,000, representing a 100 percent increase.

According to Oknha Dr. Kim Heang, President of KW Cambodia, the most influential real estate activities are in the areas surrounding Phnom Penh, primarily in Kandal Province. As a result, Cambodian housing developers have turned to Kandal province to develop housing for employed people in Phnom Penh who return home at night.

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