CSX’s trading value hit a record of over KHR 200 billion

PHNOM PENH: The Cambodia Securities Exchange set another record-high trading value for two years in a row in 2022, with seven listings, a 2.5-fold increase over 2021.

According to a statement on CSX 2022 Achievement, Outlook, and Plans for 2023, capital raised in 2022 reached KHR 222 billion, a 133 percent increase over 2021, with bond issuance accounting for the majority of total raised capital – 63 percent from corporate bonds and 32 percent from government bonds.

“Notably, despite a slight decrease in average trading volume in 2022, the average trading value had doubled in value, reaching over KHR 2 billion per day – CSX breaking another record-high and doubling trading value for two consecutive years,” CSX said in a statement.

CSX achieved a total of seven listings in 2022, a 2.5-time increase over 2021, it added.

The newly listed securities in 2022 included one Growth Board stock, three corporate bonds listings, and three government bonds listings.

Additionally, the number of newly opened trading accounts in 2022 will increase by more than 5,000 accounts, equivalent to 31 percent compared to the previous year.

The output index at the end of 2022 also increased slightly, about 2 percent compared to 2021, as the total market capitalization increased from KHR 7.2 trillion to KHR 7.5 trillion.

CSX has set its target for 2023 by doubling its daily trading value to US$1 million and doubling the number of newly listed companies or securities to 14 and tripling the number of newly opened trading accounts to 15,000 per year.

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