Collaboration to boost coffee development In Mondulkiri province

PHNOM PENH: A collaboration on the sustainable coffee value chain development in Mondulkiri province was signed on Tuesday to improve the quality and expansion of coffee cultivation in line with market demand and to increase productivity.

The collaboration was signed here under the presidency of H.E. Dith Tina, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, and representatives of Kofi Co., Ltd., a local supplier of coffee beans, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, and the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD).

The collaboration is aimed to promote and develop coffee crops as well as training more farmers on coffee cultivation in accordance with international standards.

H.E. Dith Tina expressed his support and encouragement to the company and organizations that have initiated the cultivation of coffee in accordance with environmental standards and in contributing to climate change mitigation.

The collaboration will contribute to promoting coffee development and producing quality coffee beans to supply the local markets and beyond, he said.

“I hope that this collaboration, as well as Cambodian coffee, is grown in Mondulkiri province, will go beyond the local market by entering the international market in the future,” H.E. Minister underlined.

Figures from the , Forestry and Fisheries show that produced a total of 675 tonnes of coffee beans in 2021, a 28 percent decrease from 940 tonnes in 2020.

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