Chinese delegation explores investment opportunities in Kampong Speu

PHNOM PENH: A delegation from Henan Province, has paid a visit to Kampong Speu Province in order to explore opportunities in various sectors including industry, agro-industry, and agriculture.

The Governor of Kampong Speu Province, H.E. Vei Samnang, gave a warm welcome to the delegation led by Mr. Wang Guangguo, Vice President of the Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Executive Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Henan Province. The purpose of the visit was to study and identify potential investment prospects in industry, agro-industry, and agriculture.

During the meeting, Mr. Wang Guangguo highlighted that Henan Province, despite being small in size, has a significant population engaged in agriculture, agro-industry, and industry, similar to Kampong Speu Province. He mentioned that Henan boasts over one million businessmen and numerous associations. Given the rapid growth in these sectors, there is keen interest among businesspeople to invest in Kampong Speu focusing on agriculture, agro-industry, and industry.

H.E. Vei Samnang affirmed that, following the meeting, the Henan delegation has expressed their intention to prioritize Kampong Speu Province as the primary target for investment in these three sectors. He mentioned that the investors from Henan Province foresee the cultivation of vegetables and livestock rearing, with exporting opportunities to China and other parts of the world.

Governor also envisioned that the investment from Henan investors in Kampong Speu would create new employment opportunities, potentially attracting tens of thousands of workers in the future, and contributing to progress across various domains within the country.

Governor expressed optimism that “following the assessment by these working groups, the number of factories, enterprises, and developments in the cultivating and breeding sectors would increase within the territory of Kampong Speu.”

Recently, H.E. Vei Samnang visited the economic city of Hong Kong, China to engage with investors interested in conducting business activities in Kampong Speu Province. This region has also emerged as a potential area for establishing factories.

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