Cambodia to establish a new special economic zone

PHNOM PENH: During the inauguration ceremony of Wat Chas at Kang Meas district yesterday, Dr. Hun Manet announced the Cambodian government's latest initiative of creating a new special economic zone called “Jiangsu” along National Road 6 in Cheung Prey district, Kompong Cham province.

The development aims to create abundant employment opportunities for approximately 50,000 workers, by focusing mainly on the establishment of high-quality factories, car assembly plants, power plants, and other similar industrial facilities.

This move reflects a strategic approach by the government to boost Cambodia's economic growth and attract foreign investment, especially in the Kampong Cham region. Ultimately, the project prepares the groundwork for the government's vision of forging an economically thriving and sustainable zone.

So far, the country has 24 SEZs operating with 561 and employing more than 160 000 locals, but there are four major SEZs to be seen this year with significant investment opportunities.

The Cambodian Special Economic Zone Board, or CSEZB, first introduced SEZs in 2005. Since then it is regarded as one of the measures to improve the investment climate in Cambodia for both domestic and foreign firms.

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