Cambodia requires nearly $50 billion to improve logistics and shipment

SIEM REAP: Senior Minister Sun Chanthol, Minister of Public Works and Transport, stated that Cambodia needs to invest nearly 50 billion US dollars over the next ten years to implement 332 projects, which improve logistics and transportation costs. Those projects could carry Cambodia more competitive, and attract investors.

Senior Minister Sun Chanthol confirmed this on September 13, 2022, at the World Economic Forum’s Regional Action Group (WEF-World Economic Forum) under the theme: ASEAN’s path to a vibrant digital environment, the environment and sustainability, and the use of digital systems for the ASEAN Community’s resilient and green supply chain.

The meeting focused on three parts:

1) Improving the resilience of ASEAN supply chains through technology

2) Promoting green growth through technology

3) Approach. ASEAN’s transition to a vibrant, environmentally friendly, and long-term digital economy

The Senior Minister informed the meeting of the challenges associated with implementing the Single Window Single Inspection mechanism and encouraged the private sector and its government to use this mechanism for inspection, and goods transportation to reduce border congestion and promote better trade.

Furthermore, the Senior Minister stated that “the completion of Cambodia’s master plan on the connection of multi-modal transport and logistics requires an investment of nearly 50 billion US dollars to implement approximately 332 projects over ten years.” Making Cambodia’s logistics and transportation costs more competitive to attract investors and create jobs.”

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