19 islands development and a submarine cable network project coming to Sihaknoukville

PHNOM PENH: The Royal Government has approved the investment of 23 companies in 19 of Sihanoukville’s 32 islands to develop as a tourist area, with hotels and other resorts to attract either domestic or international visitors.

Sihanoukville has 32 islands, according to Mr. Kong Vithanak, Deputy Governor of Preah Sihanouk Province. Sihanoukville sangkat  has five islands, and four companies have invested in four of them. Koh Rong sangkat has 19 islands, with 7 companies investing in 9 of them. Prey Nup sangkat has seven islands, while Stung Hav sangkat has only one.

Mr. Suon Samnang, Permanent Member of the National Maritime Security Committee, the team requires more recent data to verify, in particular, island investment and its impact on the defense sector. The National Committee for Maritime Security has the authority to ensure that its responsibilities for protecting seabed biodiversity and environmental protection are met.

Mr. Suon Samnang went on to say that the two-year work point we reorganized by the national policy on maritime security necessitates a more thorough and effective update of the data collection team in managing Cambodian waters.

At the same time, the Minister of Posts confirmed that Cambodia is considering connecting more than 2,700 kilometers of submarine cable network from Hong Kong to Sihanoukville​to improve the quality and affordability of internet access in Cambodia.

Cambodia has approximately 19.50 million mobile phone users, of which approximately 13 million are Internet users and approximately 17 million are Internet users, according to the Minister of Posts.

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