15 French businessmen eye Battambang investments

On the morning of June 17th, 2023, the Governor of Battambang Province, , met with a delegation of 15 French investors to discuss the work of Jacques Pellet, the Ambassador of the French Republic to Cambodia.

The investors aim to study the key potentials of Battambang and explore potential investment opportunities in areas such as agriculture, industry, tourism, and transportation.

Battambang is a significant destination in Cambodia with excellent infrastructure that can efficiently cross-connect important areas of the country.

The French Ambassador, Jacques Pellet, stated that his delegation's main purpose was to gain more knowledge about the potential of Battambang. The input would aid them in finding investment opportunities in various Battambang-based sectors.

Governor Sok Lou warmly welcomed the delegation's interest and visit to Battambang. He emphasized that the province has extensive potential, and investment in agro-industry, such as the processing of fruits and other agricultural products for ultimate sale or export, would be greatly beneficial. As currently, a considerable amount of products remain unprocessed, leading to excess market supply and decreased prices.

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