Another major road link between airport and Toul Kork

PHNOM PENH: To alleviate traffic congestion on Russian Blvd, the Phnom Penh Capital Administration is working with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to plan the construction of a new road along the railway line from Phnom Penh International Airport to the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (Techno School) in Toul Kork district.

His excellency Khuong Sreng, Governor of Phnom Penh, confirmed the agreement on the afternoon of Monday, February 13, 2023, while meeting with Mr. Cyril Girot, Executive Director of Cambodia Airports, at Phnom Penh Capital Hall.

The governor discussed the general situation in Phnom Penh in terms of geographical factors, Cambodia’s economic growth, and some of the city’s challenges, particularly traffic congestion, and garbage.

Cambodia Airport CEO Cyril Girot also expressed interest in the city’s development. He saw more than three skyscrapers when he first arrived in Phnom Penh more than a year ago. There are thousands of structures. As a company, you are very pleased with Phnom Penh’s development.

He stated that the world faces the same challenges as Cambodia in relation to Covid-19. However, following the country’s economic recovery, this challenge has returned to normal. Flights have also increased in number. Cambodia Airports has also promoted better flight operations.

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