Cambodia wants a rail link with Laos

PHNOM PENH: Last weekend, a delegation from Cambodia’s Logistics Association visited Laos to learn about the possibility of connecting rail lines from Cambodia to this neighboring country, which is expected to save time and money on shipping.

Representatives from the logistics sectors of Vietnam and Laos also attended the visit to discuss the Southern Corridor of the Trans-Asian Railway (TAR) project and other similar initiatives to connect China with the Mekong countries.

The Lao-China Railway runs from Vientiane to Kunming in China, where the Vientiane Logistics Port (VLP) covers an area of 382 hectares, and a link at the Lao-Vietnamese border that is longer and closer to Laos than Cambodia.

Oknha Sin Chanthy, President of the Logistics Association of Cambodia, stated that his team sought to learn from potential logistics experience surrounding the railway as well as gather relevant information and details. He also stated that the team will examine the logistics system between Laos and Cambodia, which includes Thailand.

According to a Cambodian Logistics Association study, rail transport from China to Cambodia would cut travel time to four or five days, compared to 10–15 days by water. The completion of the inter-Asian railway project will significantly improve transportation.

He also stated that the Cambodian Logistics Association and the Ministry of Economy and Finance “always discuss ways to reduce shipping costs, save time, and compete with neighboring countries.”


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