China’s 833 projects worth over $16 billion in Laos

ASIA: According to the country’s planning and investment minister Khamjane Vongphosy, China remains the largest foreign investor in Laos, having invested approximately $16.4 billion in 833 projects so far.

According to a recent article in the Vientiane Times​ and The Investvine, the economic sectors into which the investments went are diverse, ranging from small, medium, and large enterprises to state-owned enterprises and private corporations.

The Laos-China railway, the Vientiane-Vang Vieng expressway, the Saysettha Development Zone outside the capital Vientiane, the Boten Special Economic Zone in the north on the Chinese border, and power transmission lines and hydropower plants are among the largest investments.

Vongphosy stated that all of them have provided “significant benefits to both Laos and China,” and that the ministry is looking for ways to promote and manage more private sector investment in Laos in the future.

“Because there is significant interest in investment in the mining sector, it is critical to focus on the terms and conditions set by investors during the project consideration and approval process,” he said.

In terms of Laos’ significant energy generation sector, the government intends to expand the electricity market in neighboring countries to create opportunities for projects with potential but limited market opportunities, according to the minister.

Agriculture sector has a lot of potentials and has gotten a lot of attention from Chinese investors, he said, adding that the government would encourage increased production to take advantage of new market opportunities in China for fruits and vegetables.

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